Friday, February 23, 2024


 Once again... thick skin ops!

Thank you for submitting artwork to Open Call for Washington Project For the Arts’ Collectors' Night 2024 Benefit Auction! We received over 250 submissions and appreciate your effort and interest in participating. We regret to inform you that we did not select your work for inclusion in the auction this year.

We hope you will stay connected by signing up for our e-newsletter or following us on Instagram if you haven't already. We post opportunities throughout the year including an Open Call for project ideas later in the fall. 

Please feel free to get in touch with any questions. Thanks again for submitting, and we wish you the very best!


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Thursday, February 22, 2024

Isla Herida

Just found this online -- it is footprints like this one that make you aware of what you leave behind as an artist.

See this...

Monday, February 19, 2024

New Documentary on Artist Jacob Kainen

The Jacob Kainen Art Trust has enlisted the award-winning director Mark Covino (A Band Called Death, The Crest), and producer Jon Gann (Miss Alma Thomas: A Life in Color, Karen Carpenter: Starving for Perfection) to create a short documentary exploring the life and art of Jacob Kainen (1909-2001), one of the most influential artists of the 20th century.

“Jacob Kainen: An Artists’ Artist” follows the life of Kainen, a prolific but often overlooked artist of 20th Century America. From his immigrant upbringing to his rebellious artistic journey in NYC, his leftist ideologies and eventual impact on the D.C. art scene, Kainen’s story is one of perseverance and passion.

Despite facing challenges like McCarthyism and career limitations, he found solace in his art, especially with the support of his second wife, Ruth. His legacy as an artist’s artist and influential mentor endures, shaping generations of artists to come.

Jacob was not only a beloved painter and printmaker, but also as a curator, mentor, teacher, and a major force in developing the post-war Washington, D.C. art scene. His work is featured in major museum collections, including the National Gallery of Art, the Museum of Modern Art, the Whitney Museum of American Art, and the Smithsonian American Art Museum.

Narrated in Kainen’s own voice, unearthed from a treasure trove of recently discovered tapes, the film promises an intimate portrayal of the artist's tumultuous journey. His story will be further explored by curators Jonathan F. Walz (The Columbus Museum) and Seth Feman (Frist Art Museum), alongside perspectives from prominent art historians, artists, and Kainen’s own son, Dan Kainen, audiences will be immersed in the rich tapestry of Kainen’s life and artistry.

While the initial funds have been secured, the project seeks additional support to license archival materials, ensuring the preservation of Kainen’s legacy for posterity. Every contribution paves the way for a deeper understanding of Kainen’s impact on the art world and his influence on future generations of artists.

“Kainen’s role in shaping American modernism, particularly in Washington, D.C., is a narrative long overdue for exploration. This documentary serves as a vital conduit for a new generation of art enthusiasts and historians to rediscover his profound contributions,” remarks Jonathan F. Walz, curator at The Columbus Museum.

More information on the project is online at

Sunday, February 18, 2024

Pretty on Y'all

Prettty on Y'all in Luray, Virginia

Just a little short walk from the Mimslyn Inn in Luray, Virginia, there's a "new" and spectacular little arts & crafts shop on Main Street in downtown Luray! 

Immensely knowledgeable retired college professor runs the joint and she's super friendly and a joy!

Also, in the back there's a crafts area where you can make gorgeous stuff! While we were there, about 100 little girls waltzed in and started making arts and crafts! It was precious!

We ended up making a bracelet for the granddaughter, and also got two precious handmade wool sweaters for $35 each!

Most highly recommended if you're in Luray!

Inside of 'Pretty on Y'all' in Luray, Virginia
Inside of 'Pretty on Y'all' in Luray, Virginia

'Pretty on Y'all' in Luray, Virginia

'Pretty on Y'all' in Luray, Virginia

'Pretty on Y'all' in Luray, Virginia

Beads at 'Pretty on Y'all' in Luray, Virginia

Craft-making areas at 'Pretty on Y'all' in Luray, Virginia

Inside of 'Pretty on Y'all' in Luray, Virginia


Making a bracelet for Mila at 'Pretty on Y'all' in Luray, Virginia
Making a bracelet for Mila at 'Pretty on Y'all' in Luray, Virginia

Saturday, February 17, 2024

Hank's Grill - actually "Grille"

 DO not be fooled by the Frenchie spelling of "Grill" - this place in McGaheysville, Virginia is the legendary "bomb."!!!

We're staying in Luray, about 26 miles away from McGaheysville, Virginia, but had heard so many great things about this place (via the great "Get Out of Town" TV show in WETA) that we made the scary drive at night through the winding one lane roads that connect Luray to the town where this jewel of a family-owned Southern BBQ restaurant is located. 

The place was packed with locals, and the young, pretty waitress was not only friendly, but also super knowledgeable about the food, and also very efficient!

Alida standing at Hank's Grille's parking lot
Alida standing at Hank's Grille's parking lot

I had my mind on trying their burnt ends, but as advised in the menu, they're usually out and gone about an hour after dinner starts at 5 pm. The waitress passed that they're very popular and sell out every day. "Y'all gotta get here at 5 to get any," she advised.

Nachos Carnitas from Hank's Grille & Catering
Nachos Carnitas from Hank's Grille & Catering

I ordered Carnitas Nachos, a little part of me wondering when nachos became Southern food, but whoever added that to the menu hit a homerun and went yard, as (and I realize that my Mexican compadres will hate hearing this), but they've improved the dish! This is really nachos with Southern pulled pork and it was GREAT!

We also had some terrific sweet potato fries.

View of Hank's Grille & Catering Dining Room
View of Hank's Grille & Catering Dining Room

The wife had a salad with grilled salmon and I had a combo plate of pulled pork and fried catfish with a side of green beans and ham. The portions were enormous and delicious!

The restaurant is also decorated with some pretty decent artworks... not sure if local art talent or what, but I am always impressed by good art on the walls where good food is served!

Bottom line: Worth the drive!

Thursday, February 15, 2024

Zofie King at Fred Schneider Gallery

DMV artist Zofie King has a solo show "Metamorphic Reverie" at Fred Schnider Gallery in Arlington, VA!

The show opens with a reception on March 2, 5-8pm, and runs through April 21, 2024. There will be an artist talk on April 6, 5-7pm, and a closing reception on Saturday, April 20, 5-7pm. Hope I get to see you at one of these events!

Fred Schnider Gallery

888 N Quincy St., # 102 Arlington, VA


Thursday - Saturday, 12-7 pm, Sundays 12-5 pm.

Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Artomatic - Registration day

Last Sunday I drove to the District to register for Artomatic 2024.  I found street parking about a block from the cool Brutalist building at 2100 M Street, NW - the huge site of this year's Artomatic.

DMV area artist Patricia de Poel Wilberg was working the front registration desk - one of the hundreds of artist volunteers who make Artomatic what it is: the planet's largest open art show!

After a very informative orientation session lead by James Tretick, assisted by Artomatic creator George Koch and DMV uberartist Tim Tate, whose career started at Art-O-Matic 2000.

As my good bud Tate is on the 5th floor, I headed up there and managed to snag wall A in room 5086.

Campello wall in room 5086-A at Artomatic 2024
This is my wall in room 5086-A at Artomatic 2024

Campello wall in room 5086-A at Artomatic 2024
These are also part of my wall in room 5086-A at Artomatic 2024