Friday, January 02, 2015

Update on Tania

From Tania's sister:
URGENT // ‪#‎Cuba‬ ‪#‎TaniaBruguera‬ released by State Security.
Tania would not leave until all detainees because of the artistic performance were released. She was held at the Police Station Acosta y Diez de Octubre.
"I can not allow people remain prisoners on my account. I can not accept that the public of a work of political art be repressed, censored and suffering for my sake," said the artist.
Bruguera is already at the apartment of her family in El Vedado. She will take a rest immediately and to share some time with her mother. By the time she will do no additional statements, and appreciates the immense support and affection she received. According to sources in the family, she is psychologically exhausted.
Security agents themselves have acknowledged in talks with Tania the echo and support obtained. Not yet she has been returned her passport. Her case will be heard by a prosecutor in the days to come.