Thursday, February 25, 2016

Artists & Makers Studios First Anniversary!

Artists & Makers Studios will present the Resident Artist exhibit At 1(one), and The Painted Fox, two very special exhibits to begin Artists & Makers Studios' first anniversary celebrations.  At 1(one) is a play on words in regard to the momentous occasion of our first anniversary and the tight-knit bonds that have developed in this artists’ haven.  The Painted Fox is a joyous, exuberant celebration of color, line and form with ColorBoxes and painted books by artist Julianne Fuchs-Musgrave.  Opening Friday, March 4th, the exhibits continue through Wednesday, March 23rd.  These curated exhibits will fill the galleries with color, beauty and vibrancy. 

“At 1(one)” and “The Painted Fox”
Opening Reception
6:00 PM – 9:00 PM,  Friday, March 4, 2016

Artists & Makers Studios’ two main galleries will feature the incredible talents of our Resident Artists.  In the past year our emerging and mid-career artists have come together to work and grow and unite in bonds of professional affiliation and friendship that have deepened their skills and talents - and enriched their studio practices.  At Artists & Makers Studios our main duty is to nurture talent, provide opportunities for personal and professional growth, and to maintain an inspiring, welcoming environment responsive to the needs of serious artists – while at the same time welcoming our neighbors and the larger community as a whole.
In the long Gallery Hall, Julianne Fuchs-Musgrave will delight with delicate boxes and books constructed of gorgeous color-soaked paper. The paper constructions from Julianne’s childhood have evolved into structures that begin with abstract ink paintings.  She approaches her work with a desire to meld functional structure with the freedom of “Color School” abstract paintings.  Each piece incorporates her training as a painter and sculptor.  All of the artworks are handmade, using classic and new art materials: archival inks, and fine art papers.
Artists & Makers Studios, established in October 2014 by artist and arts community builder Judith HeartSong, is located at 11810 Parklawn Dr. Rockville, MD 20852.  The facility has grown by 40% in its first year of operation and is now home to 70 Resident Artists and a growing number of affiliates.  A&M Studios is dedicated to providing a supportive and vibrant environment for artists to realize their creative goals - through studio practice, collaboration, education, opportunities, networking and connecting with the community beyond our doors.