Thursday, August 09, 2007

McNatt on WGS

The Baltimore Sun's art critic is Glenn McNatt, and today he makes some excellent points in a review of the Washington Glass School's artists at the Patricia Touchet Gallery in Baltimore.

Read the review here.

By the way, note something very different in the way that the Baltimore Sun's art critic and the Washington Post's art critic operate.

In the Sun, McNatt's byline is "Sun Art Critic," and he writes a review nearly every day, discussing both art galleries and art museums.

In the WaPo, Blake Gopnik's byline is "Washington Post Staff Writer" and Gopnik writes an art review once a week or so, but is allowed by his editor to ignore art galleries and only focus his talent on art museums all over the planet.

Little nuances that indicate how local newspapers view, treat and react to their native art scene.

More enlightment for Sozanski

More responses to the Philly Inky's art critic Edward J. Sozanski's curious statement in a recent review (see this).

Artist Josephine Haden (who has an upcoming solo at the McLean Project for the Arts, in McLean, VA opening September 20 7-9 PM.) writes:

Hi Lenny,

More, for the uninformed: Kiefer's new work was just shown in Paris, France, at the newly renovated Grand Palais. The show was the first in a series called Monumenta, and it was spectacular. He may well be the greatest living artist today!

See this Herald Tribune article.

Best, Josephine