Sunday, February 10, 2008

Never seen this before...

Amongst the most spectacular sights that I have ever, the Northern Lights, which I saw for a couple of hours during a magical night in Scotland in the early 90s, as well as seeing snow paint the ocean white, and then coming up to the Arctic ice edge -- which I did one summer in 1988 and then again in 1989 while aboard an icebreaker somewhere North of Novaya Zemlya -- are right up there.

But last night in the Poconos I saw and heard something new and wondrous to me: Lightning and thunder in the middle of a snow storm!

Freaky and beautiful and a little scary.

Tim Tate pre-Heart Day Talk

Wednesday, February 13, 5 p.m.

Join artist Tim Tate as he discusses his work Sacred Heart of Healing and other artworks inspired by romance and commitment.

Tim Tate Sculpture
Sacred Heart of Healing by Tim Tate

At the Smithsonian American Art Museum's Luce Foundation Center for American Art in DC — Third Floor.