Saturday, August 10, 2013

Studi Space Anyone?

Capitol Arts Network is considering expanding by adding 16 new studios to increase their current population of 36 resident artists in 24 studios.  These new studio spaces are in an adjacent annex that is conveniently located for teaching in their classroom, attending gallery events, and interacting with their current roster of artists and visitors.  They are generously sized and priced right for immediate occupancy once completed. 
If Capitol Arts takes on this expansion they would likely open later this year. 

Before they do that, they'd like to gauge interest with area artists, as well as artists already on their wait list for their current building. Below is a list of studios that would be available. Sizes and prices are approximate for now. These studios will all have fixed windows, newly painted cement flooring, fresh wall paint, WiFi, free parking, and newly installed HVAC.
12 studios at approximately 140 square feet, and each would rent for approximately $400/month
3 studios at approximately 300 square feet, and each would rent for approximately $800/month
1 studio that is approximately 380 square feet, and it would rent for approximately $1075/month
Please let them know right away if you have an interest in one of these studios.  Their current space is fully occupied, so they expect to fill quickly as word spreads that they have more space available. 

Artists will be juried.
Judith Olivia HeartSong
Executive Director
CAN Studios... where the artists are
Capitol Arts Network
12276 Wilkins Ave.
Rockville, MD 20852
office (301)661-7590