Monday, April 19, 2010

American Contemporary Art magazine

The April/May issue is out and there are several reviews of DC galleries as well as a DC-centric article by yours truly in pages 22-23.

You can also read it online here.

Calling all Artists: Win This House Essay Contest

The lead says it all. Details here.

Little Junes Update

Anderson Campello

Anderson Lennox Franklin Lars Timothy Angus Pict Eric Florencio Brude James Tiberius Campello Anderson Cruzata Jaspersen Alonso Zaar Marrero Karling Comba Noren Dalke Hartsell y Lennox.
Circa April 16, 2010. Flesh and Blood. 24 inches by 24lbs 2 oz. NFS

Fierce Sonia at the Art League

The review is coming.

Meanwhile, if you didn't go to the opening (as around 400 people did), see the video below and check out what an immense happening you missed. Seldom has a new artist's solo debut gathered this sort of response around here, especially at the Art League.

The show is "Paper Dolls" and it is on through May 3rd at the Art League, inside the Torpedo Factory in Old Town Alexandria. Don't miss it.