Tuesday, January 24, 2006

He Who Owns the Walls (can censor it?)

A couple of weeks ago I told you that the Mid City Artists were holding their Winter Art Exhibition at the Results Gallery at Results the Gym Capitol Hill.
Angela White's offending painting
And Anne Marchand attended the opening together with artist Angela White and were surprised to discover that (as Marchand reports) they were:

"Surprised when two of Angela's oils on canvas weren't hung by the management because a certain part of the male anatomy was visible. A classical nude by Regina Miele was also NOT hung by the management."
Today in the WaPo's Reliable Source column, Amy Artsinger and Rozanne Roberts pick up on the story first reported by Marchand in her Blog.

The WaPo's Reliable Source reports that:Censored art by Regina Miele
...it's in the club policy: "Because of our family-friendly environment, we don't hang artwork that adults wouldn't feel comfortable discussing with their children," said Sarah French , director of operations.

White's a "great artist," said French, but crossed the "no nudity" line: "You've got to be clothed outside the locker area."
Apparently that also applies to paintings and drawings.

See Adrian Parsons' post on this same subject here.