Monday, April 17, 2017

Torpedo Factory Artists’ Association Welcomes Fifteen New Members

The Torpedo Factory Artists’ Association recently completed its Annual Membership Jury. From this process, fifteen new artists were selected as Associate Members. Congratulations to:  Ahmed Ansari, Veronica Barker-Barzel*, Ramon Camarillo, Cam Chapman, Dennis Crayon, Tsolmon Damba, Mary Beth Gaiarin, M. Alexander Gray*, Briana Hertzog, Yoon Sun Lim, Lizzy Lunday, Charlene Nield, Ciddi Sermin, Meg Talley, and Marine Weiss for being selected as the Torpedo Factory Artists Class of 2017.
The Annual Membership Jury process is conducted in two phases. The first phase evaluates the digital images submitted with each application. Steve Prince, Associate Professor and Artist in Residence at Allegheny College, served as the Phase I juror. In Phase II, artists are placed into one of two groups: two-dimensional or three-dimensional work. Artist work is then anonymously evaluated, both individually and collectively, by all three jurors for that group. There are no quotas or recommendations given to the jurors by the Torpedo Factory Artists’ Association.
For 2017, the jurors for two-dimensional jurors were: David Bellard, Creative Director, Social Marketing & Program Services at Rare Residency Program; Glen Kessler, Founder of The Compass Atelier; and Robert Yi, Director of George Washington University’s Corcoran Arts Continuing Education Program. The three-dimensional jurors were: Michael Janis, Co-director of Washington Glass School; Mary Cloonan, Professor of Ceramics, Adjunct, Towson University and Exhibitions Director at Baltimore Clayworks; and David Knopp, Towson Art Collective and Sculptors Inc.
The Newly Juried Artist exhibition is on display in Gallery 311 at the Torpedo Factory Art Center until April 30. There is a closing reception on April 30 from 3:00 pm - 5:00pm.
On a note of personal interest, waaay back in 1995 or 1996 I applied to this process and was soundly rejected! Another example of why artists need thick skins! Congrats to all the new members!
*Members of Printmakers Inc; a Torpedo Factory studio and workshop