Friday, August 11, 2017

Shiri Achu Art Exhibition: 38InPrint:Jamaica

I first came across DMV artist Shiri Achu at the Artomatic held in Potomac last year...this hard working DMV artist has a most interesting worldwide art project which now finds an iteration at The University of the West Indies in Jamaica.

From her news release:
Shiri Achu Art Exhibition; 38InPrint:Jamaica
Fri 26th Aug. – Fri 8th Sept. 2017
Heritage road, Mona, Kingston 7, Jamaica, W.I

Private view/Opening – Fri. 25th Aug 2017, 6pm onwards
Closing Party – Fri. 8th Sept. 2017, 6pm onwards
SHIRI ACHU'S FIRST ART EXHIBITION IN JAMAICA!! Excited is an understatement as Shiri eagerly prepares this debut exhibition to the people of Jamaica!!! Since her first solo exhibition 7 years ago, held at St Augustine's tower in Hackney, Shiri has been fortunate to have received the award of ‘The best artist’ in Brent; London and has exhibited in various exciting places/events/cities. These include, The Commonwealth Secretariat, The houses of Parliament, The Olympic African Village... Cities include Lisbon, Barcelona, Douala, Chiang Mai, Washington DC, Australia… to name a few.

Today, Shiri Achu is very excited to present to Kingston, Jamaica, for two weeks only, ‘38InPrint:Jamaica’.

The fourth in the InPrint series of ShiriAchuArt Exhibitions following; ‘35InPrint:LONDON’ which took place from 19th – 25th April 2014 at The Strand Gallery in central London, ‘36InPrint:DC’ which took place from 5th – 14th May 2016 at Gallery A in Central Washington DC and ‘37InPrint:AUS’, which took place from 14th July – 23rd July at Mama Jambo in Australia.

35InPrint:LONDON was great, the exhibition was attended by the Mayor of Harrow amongst many others.  At 36InPrint:DC Shiri was deeply honoured to have received recognition from Congressman Chris Van Hollen ' presenting the inaugural 36InPrintDC art exhibition, and with appreciation for using art to capture the spirit of Africa...' 37InPrint:AUS was fabulous. Shiri was honoured to have her art works much appreciated and many purchased by the people of Australia.

Shiri Achu’s art comes from every day, unsurprising yet unexpectedly vivid moments, times, places and objects. She seeks to capture the spirit of her subjects and make them come alive through form, colour, texture and tone. She draws insight from her travels but in general her inspiration is very broad; from natural moments captured in Africa to still objects, from the human form to the human in action.

Ever increasingly so, one of the aims of Shiri Achu’s Art is to showcase and promote the African cultures worldwide. She finds beauty in the woman carrying her child on her back and going her way, She finds beauty in the old lady who makes here ‘achu’ in her dark outdoor kitchen for her grandchildren. She finds beauty in the African fabrics, she finds beauty, envy even, in the young girl climbing the tree!! So she paints these images. For her, they are beautiful moments and for that moment, whilst she works on that piece she buries herself in the story and in the culture.

38InPrint:AUS exhibition will largely consist of 38 Framed Signed Limited Edition Shiri Achu Art Prints. Attendees will be able to purchase these limited edition signed prints at very affordable prices.

At the Opening/Private view on Friday 25th August, there will be live music. Thereafter the exhibition can be viewed everyday from 9am – 6pm when the University will be opened. The Closing party will be on Friday 8th September and it will be lived streamed.


Shiri Achu Art ^RAISE THE ROOF^ Campaign has been launched! Everyone everywhere is invited and urged to buy raffle tickets to enter the competition to win an original Shiri Achu painting, Midnight tradition! The proceeds from the campaign will go towards completing the Sunday school roof in Santa, Cameroon.

The worldwide, 8 weeks campaign will conclude on Friday the 8th of September, when it will be streamed live so everyone who has bought raffle tickets, can stream in to see if they are the lucky person who has won The Original Shiri Achu painting – Midnight Tradition’. 

Valued at $10,000, Acrylics on Canvas, 76cmX102cm, this painting 'Midnight Tradition' was painted precisely 8 years ago in 2009. Midnight Tradition features on page 65 of the International Contemporary masters VII and was selected as a Finalist for the Cliftons Art Prize 2012, Adelaide/Australia

There will also be 3 runner ups winners, winning signed limited edition prints of ‘Midnight Tradition’, and 4 more people winning a combination prize. All 8 ^RAISE THE ROOF^ campaign winners will be selected starting @ 8pm At the closing of 38InPrint:Jamaica on Friday 8th of September.

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