Wednesday, November 19, 2008

At Wilmington: Art for the Masses

200 Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania Regional artists are pleased to invite you to purchase artwork directly from them priced at $250 or less.

Artwork available in pottery, painting, fiber, mixed media, jewelry, photography, watercolor, wood, metalsmith, digital, collage, illustration, mosaic, screen printing, sculpture, printing, glass, and drawing and more.

Saturday, November 22, 2008 from 10am - 5pm at:

Hanover Center
3501 Oleander Drive
Wilmington, NC
(behind Stein Mart inside a 30,000 square foot warehouse)
Rain or Shine

$3 donation requested at the door. Among the 200 artists will be:

Abigail Blackerby
Abigail Perry
Aiden Kenny
Alisha Payne
Amy Winston
Angela Johnson
Anita Larko
Ann Conner
Anuzia Rodriguez
Barb Scalia
Barbara Tuzzeo
Barton Hatcher
Ben Keys
Bonnie Gaynor
Brian Peterson
Brooks Pearce
Camden Noir
Candy Pegram
Cape Fear Art Studio
Cape Fear Camera Club
Carol Williams
Carroll Crouch
Casey Scharling
Cassandra Skrzypek
Charles Bowden
Charles Wilkinson
Cheryl Snyder
Christine Maclellan
Christine O'Connell
Cilla Dahlbeck
Cindy Ella Rhodes
Cindy Martin
Cindy Weaver
Claudia Croom-Cole
Courtney Chappell
Dana Laymon
Deborah Cavenaugh
Deborah Hendricks
Deborah Petoskey
Dixon Stetler
Doug Kazantzis
Dreams of Wilmington
Edge of Urge
Elizabeth Bender
Elizabeth Norton
Eric Paige
Erika Lawrence
Erin Owens
Erin Wenzig
Flo Simpson
Francisca Dekker
Frank Bielski
Gail Henderson
Gail O'Neil
Gail Powell
Gail Smith
Gail Sue
Garrett Clark
Gaye Murphy
George Rabito
Ginnie Kuhn
Grayson Bowen
Harry Davis
Heather Pack
Holly Diehl
Holly Nettles
Jan Beyma
Jane Baldridge
Jane Hanck
Jean Chasmer
Jennifer Marano
Jennifer Royall
Jennifer Stockman
Jeremy Millard
Jim Edwards
jo bellamy
Joan Croft-Jones
John Gaynor
John Golden
John Greenwood
Julia Jensen
Julie Olson
Julie Reed
Karen Mason
Karen Pait
Kathleen Dentinger
Kathryn Bilisoly
kathryn graham
Katie Palacios
Katrina Fairbank
Kay Ballard
Kee Wilde-Ramsing
Keely Steelman
Keith Ketchum
Kelly Starbuck
Kids Making It
Kimberly Baker
Kinga Baransky
Kyle Page
Lauren Caddell
Lee Chappell Monroe
Lee Spivey
Leslie Isaksen
Leslie Pearson
Linda Hudspeth
Linda Kidd
Linda Parker
Lisa Haskins
Liz Hosier
Logan Mock-Bunting
Lois DeWitt
Loraine Scalamoni
Lynette Ashby
Lynn Graham
Lynn Manock
Macon Cathey
Marcelle Hooks
Marie Szendrey
Marissa Coley
Marlene McDonald
Martha Odins
Marty Relan
Matthew Dols
Maureen Mountcastle
McKenzie Constantino
Meg McGrew
Meghann Smith
Melanie Walter
Merv Wilkinson
Michael Baker
Michael Polomik
Michael Steele
Michelle Connolly
Mike Bryand
Miles Lewis
Mitzi Jonkheer
MJ Cunningham
Monique Mueller
Nancy McCurtin
Natasha Caine
Nicolle Nicolle
Noel Wilcox
Pam Toll
Patrick Raynor
Paul Boroznoff
Paul Hill
Paul Krauss
Peggy Cleary
Pete Cozart
Pete Paterson
Phil Meade
Polly Tait
Quentin Warshauer
Rachel Kastner
RDG Designs and Glassblowing
Rebecca Romulus
Rebecca Yeomans
Renato Abbate
Rhonda Willett
Robert L. Bullock
Robyn Chapman
Ronald Williams
Sally Bullers
Sandra Sharpe
Sandra Siemering
Sandra Wagnon Honeycutt
Sara Pepper
Sara Westermark
Sarah Collier
Sarah Holstein
Sarah Tector
Satu Harris
Sean Carr
Shade Maret
Simone Barbe
Stephen Cain
Steven Heiner
Susan Day
Susan Kirkendol
Tammy Clark
Teresa Bland
Three Hounds Gallery
Timothy Dols
Todd Carignan
Tony Forrest
Tracy Kellogg-Brodeur
Tracy Kirchmann
Tracy Weaver
Wendy Pittillo-Rae
Will Olney
Willard Fields
William Hubbard

Opportunity for Spineless Art

Deadline: November 30, 2008

Atrium Art Gallery, University of Southern Maine, Lewiston-Auburn College, 51 Westminster Street, Lewiston, ME 04240. September 8 - December 18, 2009. Reception, Friday, September 18, 2009. "Spineless Wonders" celebrates the diversity of species for the 2009 bicentennial of Charles Darwin's birth and the 150th anniversary of "On the Origin of Species."

Paintings, prints, sculpture, poetry, sound, and work in clay, metal, fiber, glass, wood, and stone will all be part of the multi-dimensional exhibition. Invertebrates are animals without a spine, comprising 97% of all animal species. This vast group includes worms, insects and their larva, spiders, jellyfish, shellfish such as crabs and shrimp, sponges, and more. From fairy shrimp and glow worms to luna moths and giant squid, invertebrates include both aquatic and terrestrial forms. If it's not a fish, reptile, amphibian, bird, or mammal - it's an invertebrate. They are seeking paintings, drawings, printmaking, textiles, and work in clay, metal, fiber, glass, wood, and stone. Also poetry and projects that include sound, video, or any combination of media. Please contact Robyn Holman, director of exhibitions,, 207-753-6554 for more information. Web:

Be Still my heart

"Decades ago, when a husband and wife moved into their new home, a friend gave them a painting by the man's former college professor.

Fast-forward 40 or 50 odd years and the oil painting, still in the same family, is appraised during an "Antiques Roadshow" stop in Palm Springs, Calif., for a cool half-million bucks - the most valuable object ever discovered in the show's history."
Read all about it here.

MFA Auction at Penn

From what I am told, the annual MFA auction at Penn is a hot ticket in town and usually sells out.

As I've often advised, student artwork is a great way to get started collecting art and this auction is a great a good place to start, although it is also attended by a lot of savvy collectors.

It takes place this coming Friday, Nov. 21st to benefit the 2009 MFA thesis exhibition.

Again... there you will find one of the nation's best venues to get some good original artwork on your walls and finally get rid of those college posters (and if you are a gallerist, a terrific opportunity to scope out some new talent).

The auction is from 5:30-9 PM at the University's Meyerson Gallery. Work from over 40 artists will be available including work by Terry Atkins, Jane Irish, Doug Martenson, Eileen Neff, Nigel Rolfe, Judith Shea, and Jackie Tileston.

The art being offered includes drawings, paintings, ceramics, prints, sculptures, and photographs. There will also be gift certificates from Philadelphia restaurants and businesses. Everything is affordably priced with some items starting as low as $10. Appetizers, beer, and wine will be served and DJs will provide music through out the evening. Free and open to the public.

For more information check out this blog or contact the Graduate Department of Fine Arts at the University of Pennsylvania at 215-898-8374.

The gallery is at 210 S. 34th St. at Walnut. For building locations on Penn's campus, please consult the online maps here.