Thursday, March 07, 2013

Seen in a hoity toity art fair in New York...

You know how art critics are always slamming Artomatic for this and for that?

Just sayin'

Only a few days left before deadline!

One thing that nearly every artist on the planet (including myself) shares is rejection letters/emails from galleries, juried competitions, curators and your aunt Elvira... in fact, since I have been a juror, gallerist and curator for a ton of art shows, I hate to say that I've written a fuckload of rejection letters myself.

And now Worn Magazine wants them! Read the below note from them:
Dear Readers,  
I'm excited to announce that the Spring/Summer issue of Worn Magazine is well under way and will be released at the end of April. The theme of this upcoming issue is "Dreams." One way to interpret this theme is to consider the personal journey we're all on to accomplish our dreams.
One important part of this journey is enduring rejection and then going on to kick butt anyway. Because I want all aspects of dreaming to be represented in this issue (not just the typical ones) I'd like you brave souls to send us your rejection letters so that we can print them in the upcoming issue or on our website. In addition to your letter, please include a short paragraph that explains how you've gone on to kick butt since that once unfortunate correspondence.
This is your opportunity to stick it to the man! [My note: highly sexist... artists get rejection letters/emails from all sexual varieties... not just the man... that's me trying to be semantically hip as a Virgo... I know what they mean]
Personally, I have two rejection letters I'd be willing to share, one from the FBI and another from the L.A. Times. 
Please address your letters as follows:
Subject- Rejection Is the Best Protection
Send to:
Please include a scanned copy of your letter OR forward us the initial rejection email.

Deadline to submit letters is Monday, March 11. 
Be brave! 
Nicole Aguirre, Editor-in-Chief