Sunday, July 31, 2016

Pittsburgh visuals

We're in Pittsbugh, which surprisingly enough, at least to me, seems to be quite a cool city, in fact a small city with an enviable big town feel, and bridges everywhere.

We're here because the Professor is presenting some paper on the Arts in Special Education at a conference here... but since our hotel is next to the Convention Center, and since we saw some cool costumed geeks walking around the area, Little Junes and I sniffed it out and discovered that the ReplayFX Convention is going on at the Center.

Also going on at the joint was a Hillary Clinton rally, and by noon all the Clintonites, and all the protesters were already lining up. It occurred to me that there might develop some interesting photographic visuals once all the Bernistas, Clintonistas, and assorted protest-everything left wingnuts mixed it up with light saber wielding Star Warriors, Trekkies, and Mario characters... cough, cough.