Monday, November 06, 2006

Mama Love

DMV photographer Camille Pasley is one of the District's hardest working photographers in all her incarnations. Photos from her soon to be published book "Mama Love" go on view this week at Touchstone Gallery in Downtown DC. The opening reception is Friday, November 10, 6-8:30pm and the 3rd Thursday Gallery Walk is November 16, 6-8pm.

This is an opportunity for collectors to acquire images from the book at pre publication prices. Visit here for details.

Shock & Awe: Artists Look at War

Since according to what the press and pollsters have been hammering into our collective voting will for months now, the election is all but over, and Nancy Pelosi is packing up her office for her move down the hall, and DC area moving companies are in a hiring frenzy to pick up all those hard-working guys who hang around Casa de Maryland, tomorrow, after you vote, then go to the Warehouse in DC, for a good ole political art show: "Shock & Awe: Artists Look at War."

Artwork hangs in all of Warehouse's eight galleries, and the reception is from 6-8PM, although Molly is also having an election night party to watch the victorious returns on the tube -- with drink specials - all night!

"Shock and Awe" features work by 32 artists: John Aaron, Sondra Arkin, Paul Bishow, Laura Elkins, Gabriella Bulisova, Tom Drymon, Dana Ellyn, Garth Gardner, Seth Gomoljak, Jason Gottlieb, Ken Gwira, J Gavin Heck, Michael Janis, Mark Jenkins, Joroko, Joanne Kent, Karl Kressbach, Heather Levy, Carolina Mayorga, Paul Notzold, Piero Passacantando, Dino Paxenos, Mark Planisek, Rima Schulkind, Matt Sesow, Erwin Timmers, Ruth Trevarrow, The Scroll Project*, Joanne Wasserman, Ellyn Weiss, Andrew Wodzianski and Peter Wood.