Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Affordable Art Fair NYC - The VIP Preview

I worked my ass off hanging amazing work by Herrera and Farrow-Savos (and mine), while the superbly talented Cory Oberndorfer hung his great paintings on the back wall of our booth... by four o'clock I was done, walked over to my tiny room at the Chelsea Inn, showered and headed back for the VIP Preview.

Once the doors opened, the crowds flow in, and my drawings on Bisque are selling like... sorry... hot cakes! And to my horror I discover that I have left my credit card reader in my hotel... and that means that every sale has to be entered manually (which means that fucking Paypal charges you a little "extra"). 

A couple of times there's actually a back-up! They are selling really, really good.

Campello Bisque wall at AAFNYC Spring 2022