Saturday, March 31, 2012

Dmitry Volkov

I know that this blog is all about the visual arts, but recently I had the pleasure to be invited to and then astounded by, a private cello performance by a very young and immensely talented cellist that had a profound impact upon me.

Winner of the 2009 Carlos Prieto International Cello Competition, cellist Dmitry Volkov performs solo concerts across the Globe. Mr. Volkov won First Prize in the Midland-Odessa Symphony National Young Artist Competition (2011), the Heifetz Institute of Music Concerto Competition (2009), and the Togliatti International Competition for Strings, (2002), as well as Second Prize in the Teacher and Student International Competition (2003). Having graduated from the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory in the studio of Natalia Shakhovskaya in 2011, he is pursuing an Artist Diploma at the Peabody Institute in the studio of Amit Peled.

Volkov's talent is undeniable, but I think that it is his passion for the music that he makes that will set him apart and make him an important star in the vastly gifted firmament of contemporary classical music.

As I sat there watching his impossibly long fingers dance all over the cello, I was thinking to myself how mankind continuously replenishes itself with ever more advanced talent, always pushing the line a little further along the unquantifiable "it" that makes us open out mouths and minds in wonder.

Volkov is about to embark on a tour of Mexico; check out his website here.