Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Winter Palace Studio

See this video and then go and check out the gallery in G'town.

Winter Palace Studio
1054 31st Street NW (Canal Square)

Washington, DC 20007

What's Up: New Technologies in Art

Eight artists and abstract thinkers use technology to create evolving and interactive artworks, and adapt industrial processes in interesting ways, in the new exhibition What's Up: New Technologies in Art opening this Saturday at Strathmore. 

I plan to go see this show to find some new artists for us.

Featured are Scott Draves' "Electric Sheep" which combines evolutionary biology, mathematics and genetic algorithms; Floating Point collaborative's "LanScapes" interactive virtual installation; Chris Bathgate's machinist sculptures; and George Terry's site specific laser/video installation honoring his mentor, the late Rockne Krebs.

DMV artists participating in this exhibition are Chris Bathgate (Baltimore), Joseph Corcoran (Washington, D.C.) and Gretchen Schermerhorn (Silver Spring). Bryan Sullivan and George Terry both live in New York, but were previously based in the DMV. 

This show is paired with a concurrent artist showcase in the Invitational Gallery called Art-Craft-Art.

Go see this and then buy one

The Washington Glass School will hostThe Aberrant Collection of the Spurious Calamus, by Audrey Wilson

Audrey WilsonThis new collection of works will be her first solo show and will feature her mixed media sculptures. The opening reception will be held at the Washington Glass School on January 11, 2014 from 6-8pm. The exhibition will be on view through January 31, 2014 and is free and open to the public.

I've become very familiar with both Audrey Wilson and with her work in the last two years, since we've exhibited her work at both Aqua in 2012 and most recently at Context Art Miami in 2013.

Let me summarize this right now: if you are an art collector and do not buy one of her pieces at this show, her first (and thus historic) solo show, then you are a fool... un bobo!

"Why does he say this?", you must be asking... let me explain why.

Audrey Wilson - Represented by Alida Anderson Art Projects
Over the years I think that I have developed a pretty damned good eye at spotting what makes an artist click (or not)... 

Dudes and Dudettes... I have empirical evidence and not just hearsay or anecdotal data to back that statement.... 

And what I have noticed about Wilson and her work have several components - all critical - that help to make her a "BUY NOW."
  • She has enviable work ethic - that, my learned friends, is a key seasoning to the success soup recipe... nothing beats hard work.
  • She is a hard worker - does it sound like I am repeating myself? It's on purpose...
  • She has a powerful "artistic IT" - that's that undefinable (except by me) element that separates the good from the truly intelligent.
  • Her work is intelligent... it just is! When you get into a discussion with the Audreymeister about all the elements and components and titling of her pieces, one is left salivating like a Pavlov dog hearing a bell that signifies greatness...
  • Her work looks GREAT! -- I say this with some reticence, as these days, some art symbiots still have issues with beauty, but Wilson's work stand out with some sort of undefinable beauty.
  • She appeals to young collectors: OK ---> you're gonna have to trust me on this... but at the fairs I have sold her work to clients who have told me: "This is the first piece of art that we've ever bought!"
  • She appeals to important major collectors: At Context Art Miami, on the second day, when I got to the booth there was a MAJOR (caps well deserved) collector waiting for me at the booth. She told me that this was the first time in over two decades of art collecting that she had waited for someone at an empty booth (this while I was wondering how she got into the fair before official opening time)... "I want this artist," she said in her usual brusque manner... and she got her.
  • She appeals to curators: At Aqua, her work was invited to a major curatorial project.

You will never see her prices at the level that they will be at this first solo show... spend the money now and then thank me in a few years... 

Here's the press release:
Audrey Wilson sculptures are a blend of created and altered elements that reflect evolving science and machinery and explore the relationship between man and technology. Technology is merely an extension and reflection of mankind. In fact, no objects contain more human essence than do tools.
Audrey’s sculptural projects and multi-media works are metaphors evoking our endless manipulation of environment, our need for control, and our longing for a meaningful union with nature and the other, in a supreme balance of power and delicacy. People are becoming increasingly alienated from the objects which surround and sustain them, as they have lost the emotional link to technology.

“The Aberrant Collection of the Spurious Calamus” captures our complicated relationship with technology, mirroring it back with poetic glances.

Audrey Wilson (b.1987) has a BA in Crafts with a Glass Concentration from Kent State University. Originally from Columbus, Ohio, Audrey has worked at the Chrysler Museum Glass Studio as the studio and teaching assistant, working with the museum's visiting glass artists. Audrey's artwork references nature and organic forms with mixed media.She is represented in the DC area by Alida Anderson Art Projects, LLC.