Thursday, October 26, 2023

Exhibition Featuring the work and words of Roy Utley

Live! From the Chair

Exhibition Featuring the work and words of Roy Utley

Opening reception this Saturday October 28, 3-6PM

Live! From The Chair is an exhibition featuring the works of Roy Utley at Otis Street Arts Project. The exhibition draws its name from a collection of poems he wrote while receiving chemotherapy, which were inspired by his personal journey through life and illness. These works reflect his never ending resolve to learn to live in peace, hoping he can help others to do the same.

Art by Roy Utley

The "Live! From The Chair" anthology that serves as the exhibition's inspiration is the heart of the exhibit. It is a wall that amplifies voices from around the world, sharing stories of those who've been "in the chair," to remind everyone that illness doesn't define them and that they're not alone in this experience. Additionally, Roy's seminal work, "The Art of Peace," is a map in the form of a digital logic circuit diagram. It illustrates a mechanism of self awareness and sentience, developed to help people on their own path to live in harmony and peace. Roy will also be honoring individuals who had a profound effect on and inspired him by being able to truly live in peace with a dedicated wall.

Gallery Hours: Saturdays 12-4, M-F by appointment

Otis Street Arts Project

3706 Otis Street

Mount Rainier, MD


Exhibition October 28- December 2, 2023