Wednesday, October 05, 2022

Space Foundation accepting artwork to send to space

The Space Foundation and Boeing are collaborating to send students’ artwork into space on Boeing’s CST-100 Starliner.

The Space Foundation said that the showcase called “Art in the Stars” was created in a partnership with the Space Foundation and Boeing, which will launch digitized artwork submissions into space aboard the upcoming Starliner Crew Flight Test. Every Student artist will be issued an official “Certificate of Flight” for each submitted piece of artwork.

The Space Foundation encourages young artists ages 3-18 to create original, space-oriented artwork based on the theme, “Breaking Boundaries in Space.” Students are encouraged to draw inspiration from diverse historical figures who broke boundaries to become a “first” or blazed trails for those who came after them.

Read the article by Brett Yager here.

Born to do this job

I am fascinated by this amazing lady, who is the ASL person always in the TV inset whenever Governor DeSantis briefs on TV about the hurricane recovery efforts in Eff -L-A.

This human being was born for this job! I am in love with the size of her hands and the energy and gusto that she brings to this important job!

Talking about born to do a job, I am told by a friend who works in the Supreme Court that Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, on her first case a couple of days ago managed to piss off both the Chief Justice of the United States John Roberts and Justice Kagan, as Brown Jackson repeatedly interrupted Kagan and others, apparently a faux pas in Supreme Courtin' - at one point Roberts passed her a note, which I hope the Smithsonian gets to keep one day.  What did the note say? Probably: "Please stop interrupting."