Sunday, April 28, 2024

A master class in presentation

Room 493 at the just ended ARTOMATIC is where the very talented multimedia artist Christine Krizsa Uskievich not only displayed her smart explorations of photography among other work, but also teaches a lesson which combines installation skills with a novel and effective strategy for the visitors and potential buyers of her elegant work. 

Christine Krizsa Uskievich
Moment by Christine Krizsa Uskievich

First, the highly sophisticated work is beautifully presented in minimalist float frames that highlight the art without detractors.

And then she delivers a masters' class in presentation skills. She transformed room 493 into a warm living space, like in your apartment or my house.

Christine Krizsa Uskievich room 493 at Artomatic
Christine Krizsa Uskievich room 493 at Artomatic

The work is hung, and the room is transformed to deliver an impression that says: "this is how it will look in your home." It is clever, clean, and professional! 

Well done!