Thursday, July 03, 2008

Campello in 08?

See it and don't believe it. It's actually a new form of art: "Viral Videos."

Go here.

Latin American Wealth

Latin America's wealthy also are among the most avid buyers of fine art. While only 11 percent of North America's wealthy spend their money on fine art, 21 percent of Latin America's wealthy do so. That is also more than what their counterparts in Asia and the Middle East spend and only lags slightly behind Europe.
Read the article here and let's all wonder what the other 89% of North America's wealthy spend their dollars on?

Voter Apathy

If the spectacular turnout for my poll is a prognosticator of the shape of things to come in November, then we're in trouble. As of this morning only two votes had been registered - and one of them was mine!

To recap: on the issue of the National Latino Museum, I've set up a poll here to see what people think. It takes 30 seconds to take this poll... just pick one of the two choices.