Friday, September 11, 2015

Tonight is a big night at WSS!‏

One of my best pieces of advice, from the billions of great pieces of advice that I dispense on a constant and routine basis, is as follows:

Someone: "Master Lenster, I'd like to start collecting original artwork but have limited funds and do not know whom or what to collect..."

Me: "Why don't you start by visiting lots of art shows and seeing what your visual eye likes? Do not forget to visit lots of student art shows as well."

Someone: "Student art shows?"

Me: "Yes, young padwan... it is often at undergraduate art student shows, MFA shows and other art schools' art exhibitions where the undiscovered jewels may reside, often at a lower degree of Samolians..."

Tonight is the opening of the Washington Studio School's Annual Juried Student Show, a terrific event to which I've never been asked to jury, but which I would love to do so. I've been to several of these in the past, acquired work at some of them, and I can tell you that it is usually one of the best student shows in the DMV.

The opening of the Annual Juried Student Show  is tonight, Friday, September 11 from 6-8 pm. The show was juried by WSS Faculty Member Carolyn Reece-Tomlin, installed by Jo Weiss and Joanne Kaufman, and mentored by WSS's vastly talented and hard-working faculty.

The students selected by Reece-Tomlin are: Adele McGovern, Belen Eliot, Bill Thompson, Brenda Fox, Brigitte Zelenko, Courtney Applequist, Carol Blum, Catherine Antoine, Caroline Champetier de Ribes, Chris Marlow, Elisa Sarmiento, Elizabeth Naab, Erika Mosher, Gail Goodman, Gail Jensen, Jacqueline Sparks, Jay Ball, Jill Bateman, Joanne Lamm, John Graham, Karen Slovin, Karim Bouabdelli, Kathryn Kailian, Lara Fredrickson, Laurance Frierson, Leo Bottrill, Leslie Blackmon, Monette Melanson, Maria Uehara, Maria Schreiber, Michele Lurie, Mitsuko Tsuchiya, Pat Kraniotis, Peggy Greene, Phyllis Mayes, Phyllis Ruffer, Scott Cowcher, Scott Wiskoski, Siobhan Fisher, Tanya Yudelman-Bloch, Teresa Jarzynski, Tricia Garey, Yassir Islam.

As an aside, Caroline Champetier de Ribes wins the award for the best artist name!

Lest we forget

Studio View, 9/11 Oil on Canvas c. 9/11/2001 by David FeBland

"Studio View, 9/11"
Oil on Canvas c. 9/11/2001 by David FeBland