Tuesday, December 03, 2019

Miami Art Basel Week: VIP Opening Night Minus Two

Airborne bright and early this cold morning in Washington, DC... Lyft'd to Dulles by Claudio - got there almost two hours before the departure.

Packed plane... middle seat, which is what apparently United Airlines gives to anyone with a "Basic Economy" ticket holder... plus no carry-on (unless you wanna shell out $25!).

Landed in Miami almost an hour early (suspicious ETA figgerin')... and my great friend and host Scott B. picked me up at the airport... I'm staying at his spectacular home exchange condo on the 16th floor on the beach at "the beach" of Miami Beach.  Check out the condo here.

Scott and Judy rock!

By one o'clock I was at the great Pulse Art Fair... our very first time ever at this fair after over a dozen years at the Art Basel week of fairs in Miami.

By the time I got there, Michael Janis and the new gallery assistant (Teri Bailey) had already brought all the boxes and art from the truck to the booth - nice!

Work, work, work... open boxes, get an Exaco knife cut, ask permission to use tiny nails instead of screws, lift up Tim's heavy-assed pieces from the boxes...

Tim Tate calls: He's stuck in Atlanta as his plane developed problems... "no worries", I say, but Tim is worried.

A few more hours of work and it's almost 8 PM and I decide that we're almost "good" and both the Janis and I head to our beds.

On the spur of the moment I decide to lug my luggage to the condo by way of the beach trail (rather than the free Collins Avenue trolley)...

Bad decision... once you get on this damned "board" (brick) walk... there's now way to get out of it - no "exit" to Collins Avenue - other than when you get to a park.

Two looooong miles later (remember... I'm dragging my luggage)... I get to Bel Aire... which thank God is right next to a park and thus an exit from the fucking yellow brick road.

I go up to Scott and Judy's super condo on the 16th floor, with an amazing view of the Caribbean... and yet I am mesmerized by the fact that these two former DMV area art collectors had the "sight' to pick up soooooooooo many great DMV stars... and I find great vintage, early works in their amazing place.

vintage Sheila Giolitti

vintage Tim Tate
2019 is great so far! The fairs haven't opened yet... and I've already showed you some great artwork!

I walked Collins to a little Colombian restaurant and got some tostones with fried cheese (leave it to the Colombians to try to improve a Cuban dish)... and I must admit that it was really good.

More tomorrow...