Friday, July 15, 2011

Why D.C. Needs an Emerging Art Fair?

Why start a new fair for emerging art in Washington, D.C.? As collector Mera Rubell puts it, "Politics is not the only game in D.C., just like Hollywood isn't the only game in L.A. Washington spends more money on art than any other place on earth. Culture is a monster industry here, and D.C. is poised to become a powerful art destination. This city is a diamond in the rough."

As the creators of the (e)merge art fair, which will debut in D.C. this September 22-25, we believe that the nation's capital is a burgeoning market for contemporary art. In recent years, D.C.'s art community has grown and diversified, while strengthening its interconnections and forging new relationships with the business community. Along with artistic advancement, the region's private business and tech sectors have expanded. The mutually reinforcing factors of creative artistic energy, entrepreneurial innovation, and economic growth provide a stimulating environment for emerging art. With enthusiastic support from D.C.'s museums, galleries, collectors, nonprofit spaces, city officials, and residents, this event is positioned to tap directly into the region's evolution.
Read the whole article in ArtInfo here.

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