Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Day Eight

 Day Eight is one of the really good art drivers in the the tapestry that makes up the DMV's art scene - Day Eight's accomplishments in 2022 include:

• They published six books of poetry:

  •    Ashes to Justice by Shaquetta Nelson (Feb, 2022);
  •    The Great World of Days edited by Gregory Luce, Anne Becker and Jeffrey Banks (Mar, 2022);
  •    Why We Write, edited by Robert Bettmann, a youth and faculty anthology (June, 2022);
  •    Diaspora CafĂ© edited by Maritza Rivera and Jeffrey Banks (Aug, 2022);
  •    Breaking the Blank by Rebecca Bishophall and Dwayne Lawson-Brown (Nov, 2022);
  •    I’d Rather Be A Nerd by 2022 Poet Project winner Dominic McDonald (Dec, 2022)

• They hired six early-career arts writers who authored more than thirty articles through their arts journalism fellowship. They also hosted a conference on The Crisis in Book Review that featured Joyce Carol Oates, Brian Broome, and other literary luminaries, and they produced a week-long summer institute offering intensive training for professional arts writers, including faculty members Geoff Edgers (Washington Post), Emma Sarappo (the Atlantic), and more.

• They produced a group of opportunities for young writers, including an after school series for LGBT youth and allies, five weeks of summer writing camp, and a monthly writing club for girls.

If you support their work, thank you for considering an end of year donation to Day Eight. All contributions are tax deductible. Whether you donate $5 or $500, every little bit helps. Thank you for your support!

To donate on  their Facebook fundraiser, click here.

To make a donation on their website, click here.

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