Monday, May 09, 2022

Art Clinic Online

 Art Clinic Online - Saturday, May 28 from 10:30 -11:30am

Join me at the Art Clinic Online for a discussion and Q&A about nearly everything you wanted to know about being an artist, grants, resume-building, approaching galleries, etc.

About Art Clinic Online (ACO)

The Art Clinic Online community aims to create a friendly artsy environment and bring together artists who may have taken classes with us before or who are contemplating it and want to learn from one another in an online community-based setting. As such, they are not didactic sessions but a forum for the equal exchange of art ideas and art information as well as an opportunity to share art challenges and breakthroughs. 

The Stone Tower resident artists created the ACO after hearing the need for such a forum expressed by many of their students. If you are interested in joining, click the button below and email Mariana to join! Yes, it's still FREE.

Location: Glen Echo.

Caitlin Berry to be named director of The Rubell Museum

I am told that former Hemphill Fine Arts alumni art dealer Caitlin Berry will be the director of the new Rubell Museum in Washington, DC. This is the 32,000 sq. ft DMV museum that will open to the public on 29 October this year!

Berry was previously the director at Hemphill Fine Arts.

That's me with Mera when she visited my studio a few years ago to select a work for a show that she was curating for the American University Museum.

Lenny Campello with Mera Rubell