Monday, August 21, 2006


I'm not really sure what the cause is (perhaps it was the TV story last week), but suddenly today, according to Technorati, DC Art News has links to it from over 500 blogs around the world, making it the 3,370th highest ranked blog on the planet, not bad considering that Technorati is currently tracking 51.8 million blogs.

Woohoo! First time that DC Art News has broken into the 4-digit ranking neighborhood. Not sure how long this will last, as these "rankings" tends to float up and down quite prodigiously.

Still a long way from PostSecret's amazing 11,659 blogs that link to Frank Warren's wondrous blog, but if I may toot my own horn, methinks (at least for the day), way ahead of any other DC area based arts blog.

And it's all still just about the Greater DC area visual art scene.

If you don't get it, you don't get it.

All Members Show at Multiple Exposures Gallery

Last week I found my way to Multiple Exposures Gallery on the second floor of the Torpedo Factory, to see their All-Member Show, juried this month by Matt Mendelsohn.

I was immediately attracted to a photograph by Peggy Fleming titled "Pam Taylor," which shows a view of (I assume) Pam’s toes floating from the edge of her tub, securing in my mind the vision of Frida Kahlo’s “What the Water has Given Me.” As a card-carrying Kahlophile since 1977, it was a winner for me.

Danny Conant’s pigment print "Tower in the Clouds" and "Trees and Water," as well as Grace Taylor’s "Japan" and Barbara Southworth’s “Downstream” complete the usual well-balanced and superb show that is part of the exhibition tradition that has made Multiple Exposures (formerly Factory Photoworks, which I liked better as a gallery name) one of the best stops for high quality fine arts photography in the Mid Atlantic.

The show runs through August.

Arts Commission Display Racks

The DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities has two large display racks that they "display" outside their office building on 8th Street NW. They get a great deal of foot traffic as people go to lunch and walk to work. People are always checking the rack out and grabbing any brochures or postcards about upcoming arts activities.

The DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities will gladly display any brochures or promotional materials that you have for upcoming projects. If you are interested, please deliver the materials to the DC Arts Commission offices at 410 8th Street NW, 5th floor, Washington DC, 20004 to the attention of Jose Dominguez. Deadline for drop off of materials is September 8th.