Friday, March 01, 2013

Norm Parish

That guy on the left has done more for African American artists and artists of all four races and thousands of ethnicities around the DMV than most people realize.

That guy on the left is one of the hardest working, least recognized, key members of the visual arts cultural tapestry of our capital region.

That guy on the left is one of the longest surviving independent fine arts commercial gallery owners in the region and a champion for the DC area visual arts.

That guy is Norm Parish, owner, director and curator of Parish Gallery, established in Georgetown in 1991, which means that in "gallery years", his gallery has not only survived but flourished in a town where art galleries struggle to stay open.

He was my neighbor for many years while I was half of The Fraser Gallery's original location in G'town from 1996 - 2006 and I consider him a friend and my earliest inspiration for trying to do something positive for the DMV art scene.

Tokesplace has a tribute to him here and I applaud that! Check out the video below...

Tonight's key opening is...

If you're not going to this opening tonight, then you're just off the visual arts radar in the DMV.

Here... HERE!