Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wanna be in a show this weekend?

16x16 Small works call for entry! 

Details here.

In this all-inclusive show, artists are invited to submit art limited to 16x16 inches! Each 16”x16” space in the show will have a $14 hanging fee. 

Submit work including, but not limited to, photography, painting, mixed media, sculpture, lead, ceramics, glass, and more. 

This show has a 0% commission for sales in the gallery. All transactions for this show are direct to the artist! If you sell something and value the experience, feel free to pay them whatever commission you think is fair! No price limit!

The 16” x 16” will coordinate with the Gateway Open Studio Tour.
Details here: May 10, 2014   12-5pm

Install Sunday May 4, 2014 1pm

Reception May 10, 2014   12-2pm (They’ll be open till 5pm for those who can’t make it).

It is an all Madrid final

Has this ever happened before? 

Over in Europe, the UEFA Champions' League Cup is the world's second toughest soccer competition (after the World Cup), some would say the toughest...

And this year it is an all-Madrid final, as the city's storied Real Madrid Football Club (who destroyed the reigning champion - Bayern of Germany) will fight it out with Madrid's other soccer team, Atletico de Madrid (who beat England's Chelsea FC).

That's like the NY Giants vs the NY Jets at the next Superbowl... only bigger... or the Brooklyn Nets vs the NY Knicks.... cough, cough.... or the LA Clippers vs the LA Lakers...

Anyway... congrats to all the Madrilenos!