Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Daphne is ready to ship

Charcoal on paper, 28x22 inches, c.2018

Just finished this piece. It is titled "Daphe", and it is a charcoal on paper, 28x22 inches. It will soon either be at the Superfine Art Fair in Washington, DC or at Context Art Miami in Miami.

Daphne (meaning Laurel) was a nymph who was the daughter of the river god Peneus. Apollo fell in lust with her and chased her - as he was about to ravish her, either the Earth goddess Gaea or her father, reached from under the Earth and turned Daphne into a Laurel tree to save her from Apollo. 

Erwin Timmers named Montgomery County "Outstanding Artist"

The Washington Glass School's own Erwin Timmers has been given a Montgomery County Executive's Awards for Excellence in the Arts and Humanities!

These awards are the most prestigious honors conferred by Montgomery County on individual artists, scholars, organizations and cultural patrons. 

This year, WGS Co-Director Erwin Timmers has been named Montgomery County's "Outstanding Artist" .

Details here.