Tuesday, February 11, 2014

More evidence of the wake effect

Followers of this blog are familiar with all the writing that I've done over the years about the aggregated effects of doing art fairs... And how what I have coined as the "wake effect" of the art fair is perhaps the single most important reason why artists must participate in art fairs....

And here's another example... This time sent in by my good bud and DMV artist J.T. Kirkland...
A gallerist who was exhibiting at Scope Miami 2012 saw my work in my NYC gallery's booth and it caught their eye. They followed my work for the next year and decided that their interest stuck and they wanted to represent me. They reached out, we talked on the phone and over email, and in January we finalized all the details. 
I sent them about 40 pieces representing works on wood, canvas and paper from the past 6-7 years. We're doing a big show in October and hopefully a couple of art fairs. The gallery is in New Orleans (www.guthriecontemporary.com). 
So over a year after the fair, I got a big bite. Who knows who else is thinking about my work right now? I believe in the wake effect!!