Sunday, June 05, 2011

Capps on MOCA DC

In the WCP, Kriston Capps reports on the woes of Georgetown's legendary "bad boy" gallery here.

Irvine Contemporary Moving from 14th Street

From Martin Irvine:

This summer marks the 10th anniversary of Irvine Contemporary and over 5 years at our 14th Street gallery location. As a result of unmanageable increases in rent in the current economy, Irvine Contemporary will be moving out of our 14th Street gallery space on August 30th. We have enjoyed a wonderful run of exhibitions, events, and achievements for our artists in this space, and we are fortunate to have the continued support of so many friends, collectors, artists, and colleagues in the Washington, DC community and beyond.

We want to conclude our time on 14th Street by celebrating our artists and recognizing the community that has been the life of the gallery at this location. Over the summer, we will present two exhibitions as a tribute to our artists. Artist Tribute Exhibition 1 will open on June 11, and Artist Tribute Exhibition 2 on July 23, and will include special events and talks with many of artists. We look forward to your continued patronage in supporting our artists in these final exhibitions on 14th Street, and invite you to join us in celebrating their great work and achievements.

While we are planning this move and transition, we are continuing to curate exhibitions and represent our artists through the fall of this year. We will soon announce the exciting exhibitions and events that we have planned in the fall.

Artist Tribute Exhibition 1
June 11 - July 16
Opening Reception, Saturday, June 11, 6-8PM

Old Peculier 5.6% ABV

Theakston's Old PeculierEnjoying Theakston's Old Peculier at a pub in Harrogate, UK; this is one tasty brew!

I noticed Little Junes studying the juxtapositioning of the brew and his water. He looked at them, studied the angle of approach, studied me as I fiddled with the camera; a fraction of a second later he darted for the beer, but it takes a lot of skill to burglarize a beer from the Lenster, so I snatched it up a nanosecond ahead of him.