Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Torpedo Factory Holiday Open House Tomorrow

Giant head finished

On Monday I showed you Philly artist Frank Hyder working on his giant inflatable sculpture for the Giants in the City art project at Bayfront Park in Miami this week. As you can see, Hyder finished his work, and the piece looks great.

Giants in the City

That city is Miami and tomorrow the Giants in the City project, curated by my good friend Alejamdro Mendoza, returns to the ABMB festivities with the mobile sculpture project at Bayfront Park in Miami.

Giants in the CityInflatable art sculptures by Gustavo Acosta, Angel Ricardo Rios, Miguel Fleitas, Maite Josune, Tony Kapel, Anaken Koenig, Frank Hyder, Karen Starosta Gilinski, Maki Hachizume, Noor Blazekovic, Tomas Esson, Federico Uribe, Jose Bedia and the curator, Alejandro Mendoza.

By the way, these inflatable sculptures are looking for a venue to be shown in Washington, DC. Everything travels in suitcases and it is super easy to set up, in case some DC gallery or museum is interested in hosting these gigantic works.