Saturday, June 11, 2016

New Pop Up Art Space

The DMV has a new rental pop up art space available... details below from the news release:
Bridging the gap between artists and collectors  
As an artist, I have found myself struggling to find the right place to showcase my artwork.  I know firsthand how truly frustrating it can be to not have any gallery representation and only have the opportunity to show in restaurants, coffee shops, and other venues that are not designed for the ambiance that pieces of art need to be fully appreciated. 
For that reason, I created White Cloud Pop-Up Art Space. In this space, walls, ceiling and floors are united in harmony by the purest white color. Combined with a generous amount of natural light, there is a clean, simple background to truly let your work stand out.
White Cloud is conveniently located in the heart of the U Street corridor, only 2 blocks from the U Street metro and within walking distance to some of DC’s most popular restaurants and coffee shops. All day and night, potential clients are just footsteps from the gallery.
In addition, White Cloud provides this amenities: 
•        Over 400 sq ft of art space
•        Heavy railing hanging picture system to easily hang and remove art
•        Track lighting to spotlight your pieces
•         Modern desk that can also be used as a service area
•         Nicely renovated bathroom
•         Fully functional HVAC unit
•         Large refrigerator and microwave 
Below is information on our Pricing and Frequently Asked Questions about the gallery. We look forward to working with you! 
Weekdays: (Monday through Thursday) $300 for two hour public show.  
This price also includes two hours for set-up and one hour after closing to clean and    remove pieces. Set-up can begin at 10 AM on the day of the show. All exhibitions must  end by 11 PM. 
Weekends: (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) $500 for two hour public show. This price   also includes two hours for set-up and one hour after closing to clean and remove  pieces.   Set-up can begin at 10 AM on any day of the show. All exhibitions must end by
11:00 PM 
Two-day weekend show: (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) $800.  Set-up can begin at 10 AM  on the first and second days of the show. Set-up can begin at 10 AM on any day of the   show. All exhibitions must end by 11 PM.  
Full weekend show: (Friday through Sunday) $1000.  Set-up can begin at 10 AM on    any day of the show. All exhibitions must end by 11 PM. 
Our address is at  1843 14th street NW 2nd floor, Washington DC, at the corner of 14th
and T St NW. 
White Cloud opens at 11 AM. Until 7pm, but better to make an appointment first. 
Of course!  White Cloud Gallery can occasionally accommodate walk-in tours, but it’s  always best to schedule an appointment. Give Miguel a call . 
No problem. I’m happy to work with you. This is negotiable. 
White Cloud Gallery is on the second floor of the building and we do not have a service  elevator - please come prepared to carry any equipment/props up a flight of stairs.
A new public parking lot just opened across the street from White Cloud Gallery at 14th
St NW and Swann St. NW). There is street parking on 14th Street and the surrounding  neighborhood blocks.  
Artists are responsible for insurance that covers damage to their artwork.  We do  require a $300 deposit in cash for all exhibitions to cover any incidentals and clean/up.
This deposit will be returned at the end of the exhibition 
DO YOU CHARGE A COMMISSION?  Nope!            
Gallery reservations are on a first come first serve basis. A non-refundable deposit of  50% of the total cost is required to hold the space. The remaining 50% of the balance is  due seven days before the exhibition.
1843 14th street NW, Washington D.C. 20009
(202) 288 1391
Artist Director Miguel Perez Lem