Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Plae adult sketchbook

Plae is "the innovative, customizable, fashion-forward shoe brand that encourages children and now adults alike to never stop playing. In the light-hearted spirit of fulling its mission, the brand recently launched a sketchbook coloring contest, giving doodlers, scribblers, colorers and sketchers the chance to let their creativity soar."

In collaboration with Swedish artist, Mikael Selin, the contest invites users to download the vibrant adult sketchbook on their website, color them to their heart's desire and submit their masterpieces by 1/29/2018

Prizes for the lucky winner include a limited first edition Mulberry Plae shoes (the first ever Plae adult shoe offering), a Boosted Board, a custom Mission Bike, and $250 Plae gift card. 

You can find more info and contest details here.