Saturday, December 04, 2021

ArtBasel Week: Scope - The Saturday report (influencers)

The spectacular growth industry known as "influencer" is very evident in the 2021 version of Art Basel week.  Influencers handing out cards, dressed to be noticed and asking to be photographer, Instagrammed and referenced... as well as the "make sure that you follow me...."

Today's crowds were by far the largest, most eclectic and flowing - not sure how sales are going on. All throughout the fair, people have been admiring and taking hundreds of photographs of  Tony Porto & Mike Janis' collaborative work and of Tim Tate's infinity mirror "Gay Batman" piece, and and myriads of gallery cards have been handed out to the "we'll be back" crowd. Seldom does that happen... The fairs are big and overwhelming... You either get the work when you see it, or forget it...

SCOPE Art fair MB 2021 crowds

And lots of beautiful people...

The Bisque wall continues to sell well throughout the day and in the early evening a very well-known artist from California approaches me (together with her "team") and acquires "Sleep is the Cousin of Death."  The work has to return to the DMV and then be shipped... but hey!

Sleep is the Cousin of Death - detail - 2021 painting by Campello at SCOPE MB 2021
Sleep is the Cousin of Death - detail -