Sunday, January 09, 2022

Betty White Unites Opens at Zenith Gallery

In celebration of her 100th birthday Zenith Gallery has put together an homage show to this great American - They are having two openings this coming Friday January 14  from 5-8 and Saturday January 15 from 2-6!

Betty White Unites!

Exhibit Dates: January 14, -January 29, 2022

Opening Reception: Friday January 14, 5-8PM & Saturday January 15, 2-6PM

At 1429 Iris St NW, Washington DC 20012

 Betty White Unites

Since the passing of Betty White, it has become abundantly clear that she is the one person in America who everyone loves, no matter what your affiliations may be.

Zenith Gallery and our artists want to start the year off right with love and positivity by celebrating the life of Betty White. She is loved by everyone, and I believe through the celebration of her life we can be united. I have domain-ed the website,, for this purpose.

Throughout her 80-year career she has touched so many generations. Tributes pour in for ‘cultural icon’ Betty White, as fans from President Biden to Ryan Reynolds to Jay-Z, pay homage.

“Live with it’: Betty White defied racist demands in 1954 when she featured Arthur Duncan on her television show when the network complained! She had creative control, which was rare for any actor at that time but especially for a woman. So, the network “lived with it” and it led to a long career for Mr. Duncan.

She broke barriers throughout her career – she was the first woman to win a Game Show Host Emmy Award and won the Screen Actors Guild Life Achievement Award. The awards and accolades are too numerous to mention. Look for the documentary that is coming out in her name on her birthday, January 17th!

Please join us to celebrate this amazing woman!


  • Amy Bandel, artist, Air Force veteran, and UM graduate says of her work “I draw and paint to stay calm and grounded. Beauty and peacefulness are threads throughout. I work with many different subjects, including landscapes, plants, nature, animals and people. I find art is a way to connect with the people, places, and things that I love. Many of my subjects are suggested to me by friends and family and have special meaning.
  • Holly Boruck lives and works in the Los Angeles area. She has an MFA in Painting from Cal State University Northridge and a BFA from California College of the Arts in San Francisco. A common thread in her art making practice is a deep interest in the human psyche and earthly experiences.
  • Ram Brisueno uses a variety of mediums, materials, and objects to create narratives that relate to personal identity and social perceptions. With emphasis on textures, color, and form, his works bring together concealed images and meanings that are revealed through intuitive responses.
  • Lenny Campello “I usually draw with either charcoal or graphite, generally on paper and for the last few years on reclaimed, broken, unfired Bisque. The drawings are most likely part of an ongoing narrative series, some of which I’ve been doing for decades, where I tell and retell stories, or express ideas through the means of contemporary realism.”
  • Diane Dompka, native Washingtonian and photographer says that “Good fortune provided a beautiful landscape filled with many visual opportunities thru museums, galleries, and the people of the world. My joy is capturing the spirit and beauty of the subject and the emotional bond of preserving the image.”
  • Bulsby “Buzz” Duncan was born in Kingston, Jamaica and raised in Washington, DC. A self-taught artist whose work can be described as abstract with deep emotion and energy, Buzz traces his artistic influence on the great abstract expressionists, and contemporary artists of the 20th Century.
  • Cheryl Elmo, a signature member of the Pennsylvania and Baltimore Watercolor Societies, has shown her artwork nationally and internationally. Cheryl’s watercolors give the medium a new visual quality focusing on human connection.
  • Ruth Green, with a BFA in Illustration from Northern Illinois University, is an award-winning, toy inventor, illustrator, graphics and package designer, and watercolor artist.
  • Helen Silberminz, When I retired, I told myself I would go back to all things art so I’ve been volunteering as a Studio Arts Rep at the Smithsonian and I completed the Smithsonian World Art History Certificate in 2018.
  • Mihira Karra is a fabric collage artist who started sketching and using pastels as a child. She realized her passion for portraiture and figurative art as a twelve-year-old when she sketched her first portraits of her great aunt and grandmother.
  • Rebecca Klemm is a ceramic artist who has a long association with the DC arts scene, including involvement with the Corcoran Gallery and sponsorship of the original Best in Show award at the Smithsonian Craft Show.
  • Carol Newmyer “Since its inception, I have worked in and with the Zenith Gallery, growing and evolving along with the community of artists that have developed around it since 1978. I have always felt that the desire to communicate is one of the great universal reasons why artists create their work.”
  • Gavin Sewell, originally from Maine, is a mixed-media artist, painter, and print-maker based in Brooklyn and Montreal. His mysterious, novelistic collages and intuitive, expressionist paintings are in collections on four continents.
  • Paula Wachsstock “My method of printmaking is what I like to call paint to print. I paint on the surface of my paper with many layers of color. Then I begin the screen-printing process with an image/story.”
  • Jennifer Wagner is an award-winning mosaic artist and entrepreneur. “I work with directly with clients, including interior design companies to create one-of-a-kind mosaic installations for businesses, private residences and community centers.”
  • Marcie Wolf-Hubbard’s paintings have been exhibited widely on the East Coast. She has illustrated for magazines and books and worked as a courtroom artist. Marcie is an instructor at Glen Echo Park, Yellow Barn Studios, and The Smithsonian.

Zenith is located at 1429 Iris Street, NW in Washington, DC.