Sunday, April 11, 2010

Seminar Pics

Yesterday's Bootcamp for Artists Seminar at the Gateway Arts Center was packed with a standing room crowd. About 60 people showed up (only 50 had RSVP'd). The seminar was free, courtesy of Gateway CDC in partnership with MNCPPC.

Lenny Campello

That's me discussing the ever popular subject of juried art competitions. Photo courtesy of Terry Ward.

Lenny Campello and pricing artwork

And that's me and a partial shot of the crowd. The discussion now is the even more dicey subject of how to price your artwork. Photo courtesy of Terry Ward.

Rosetta de Berardinis and Alexa Meade

After the seminar there was a closing reception for the current show - which I had curated. Here are artists Rosetta de Berardinis, who is back in the DC area after a three year exile to Baltimore and Alexa Meade, whose amazing work is really lifting her young career to new heights.

And the kid with artist Terry Ward.

Great deal on Ebay

Check out one of my vintage mermaid drawings (done 11 years ago) currently on Ebay. Initial bid makes it a steal. See it here.

Wanna go to an opening this Friday?


The Mera Rubell effects tide continues; a major art collector just acquired both of these pieces, which I had done for the Rubell studio visit:

Che Guevara by F. Lennox Campello

"Asere, Si o No?" 19"x48" Charcoal on Paper

About this piece: The appropriated image of Che Guevara from a photograph by a Commie photographer somewhere (ironic that Communists always nationalize and appropriate private stuff, so I have no issues appropriating their imagery) is to the left in a very Christ-like pose. Behind him, a slogan or graffiti on the imperfect wall asks the question in Cuban slang: "Asere, Si o No?" which means "Friend, Yes or No? in Cuban street dialect and is meaningless to all other Spanish speaking peoples. The capital letters answer the question by spelling out ASESINO or assassin.

Che Guevara's betrayer

Finalmente Denunciamos a el que traiciono al Che (Finally we denounce he who betrayed Che). 4 x 24 inches. Charcoal on paper

The Spanish words announce that "finally we denounce who betrayed Che." The capital letters answer the statement: FIDEL.

Thank you Mera.