Sunday, October 22, 2006

Another Great Santa Fe Gallery Discovery

Strolled into the Lew Allen Contemporary gallery in Old Town Santa Fe and was pleasantly surprised not only to find the kind of artwork that is seeting Santa Fe apart as a key spot on the world art scene, but also an amazing and beautiful space.

The gallery is set on two levels, each one of which could swallow most of the Mid Atlantic's largest galleries.

On exhibition on the ground floor gallery was work by Jean Arnold, Ben Aronson, Daniel Morper in a really tight show entitled "Arnold/Aronson/Morper: Cities Different" and because it offered three distinctly different visions and takes of urban landscapes, it immediately appealed to me.

These three artists each has a singularly distinctive approach to depicting the urban settings that attracts their attention, and they have been placed together in a very strong show that manages to sew together their visions into a memorable tapestry of urban art.

Lew Allen Contemporary has so far impressed me the most in this short visit, but more later!

SITE Santa Fe

Today I'll be exploring SITE Santa Fe's Sixth International Biennial: Still Points of the Turning World curated by Klaus Ottmann.

Santa Fe

In my first visit to Santa Fe, New Mexico, a couple of quick impressions (lots more to follow later):

- At around 70,000 people, Santa Fe is a lot smaller that I imagined.

- It is a charming and beautiful place, and Gerald Peters deserves a lot, in fact most of the credit, for turning this amazing place from a little town full of "cayote" art spaces into the third largest art market in the world.

- There are a lot of art galleries here, at least 500% more that I had imagined.

- There are a lot of art galleries here that still deal in "coyote" art, but I am told by a couple of local art dealers that met with me yesterday that there's an equal huge number of galleries that offer good contemporary art in all the other genres.

- One of the good ones that I discovered yesterday was Chiaroscuro. More on them later.

- Loads of good restaurants as well. Last night had exceptional nopal leaves and carnitas and great live music at Los Mayas.