Saturday, April 27, 2019

DC Arts Forum—a call to action for the arts

The DC Arts Forum is a grassroots initiative for the arts community to address the current state of the DC Commission on the Arts & Humanities — and to meaningfully engage independent artists and small organizations in shaping the future of the arts in DC.

From the WPADC:
Hi all,
If you are an artist who cares about arts funding in city, Monday's DC Arts Forum at Eaton Workshop is an opportunity to get up to speed on the proposed changes to the Commission of the Arts & Humanities (CAH) and the Mayor's plans to cut arts grant funding by $7-8M next year. Concerned arts commissioners will be present to answer your questions, as will other cultural activists. 
This Forum is one of several efforts right now to combat the erosion of CAH's independence, authority, and grant funds. Of them all, it is the one most tailored to small organizations and artists, and the one most invested in equity and diversity. The organizers are looking for a strong turn-out. As of yesterday, 100 people had signed up to attend. They would like many more. Please circulate this to people whom you think would want to attend.
Thank you,

Mon. Apr. 29, 

7:00pm EDT 
Eaton Hotel & Workshop 
1201 K St NW 
Washington DC