Tuesday, April 21, 2015

cove Hosts Art Reception: Barbara Januszkiewicz

On April 30, 2015 cove will partner with ArtSee to celebrate their relationship with Washington, DC based artist Barbara Januszkiewicz. Cove will open the doors of their newest location in Rosslyn (1735 Clarendon Blvd, Arlington, VA) for an opportunity to meet and dialogue with the artists about her work featured in the cove space. For this exhibition, Barbara Januszkiewicz hopes the works on display will spark a dialogue about the use of color and her fascination with conceptual link to music. In an effort to show support for the Arlington art scene, Januszkiewicz hopes to use social media to share her work and support for alternative art spaces. Cove’s wall space has been turned in to an alternative art gallery through September 9, 2015, showcasing Januszkiewicz’s fine artwork. The public, press and art supporters are welcome to tour the space to see the artwork and interact with the artist on April 30, 2015 from 7:00 – 9:00 PM.
Barbara Januszkiewicz is influenced directly by music and strives to capture sound in her paintings. She finds it intriguing that there is a vocabulary of words that apply to both music and visual art, from movement, patterns, perspectives and layering.  Januszkiewicz’s expression in visual art is based on reacting directly to music. Januszkiewicz has been working in watercolor, a medium that makes it difficult to capture the complexity and color of a song. For cove, however, she will display her latest work of acrylic on canvas, a new medium for Januszkiewicz. Exploring the effects of every genre from jazz to thumping garage rock and vintage blues has helped express that moment when sound becomes visual. 
Cove features different local artists in each of their eight spaces. Januszkiewicz admires that cove is creating an intimidation free atmosphere where art speaks for itself. Cove is providing an alternative art experience to that provided by a gallery; it is reaching new audiences and exposing visual art to a new crowd. Members of the cove community come from different backgrounds and work environments. Cove was created with a simple objective: building places you want to be. They boast fast Wi-Fi, color printers, conference rooms, and now, local art for their members.
ArtSee works to bring local art and artists into each cove space with a six-month rotation of their work. With the recent rise of non-traditional gallery spaces, cove will become the first space of its kind to welcome artists into their community. Each artist will not only have their work displayed but will be introduced to the cove community through a series of receptions, talks and workshops, coordinated by ArtSee.

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