Sunday, May 08, 2022

Rockville Arts Festival

I walked through the 10th Annual Rockville Arts Festival in downtown Rockville today - as usual it is a terrific show with loads of good artists, food and entertainment!

I love the fact that every booth is a corner booth - thus maximizing the exhibition space for each artist! This show is always good and reflects the hard work of its director Robin Markowitz.

As usual, my two bits on some of my faves from this show.

I liked Bob Friedenberg's fantasy line drawings and Matthew Miller's paintings.

I also admired the paintings of Richard McMurry, who told me that he's somewhat new to the outdoor art circuit; he's clearly a painter at the top of his form!

Detail of a painting by Richard McMurry
Detail of a painting by Richard McMurry

Also new to the outdoor art circuit is Yolanda Prinsloo, an exceptionally skilled painter and teacher - her booth was full of multiple and different art explorations, as she seeks to find her place in this demanding art niche... she will do well!

From my earlier look at artists who will also be at this weekend's Bethesda Fine Arts Festival, I ran and proved my exceptional eye and breathtaking ability to jury via online images, by actually verifying in person that Tanya Tyree and Sandra Sedmak Engel are really, really good artists!

Painting by sandra sedmark engel
Painting by Sandra Sedmark Engel

Sculptures by Tanya Tree
Sculptures by Tanya Tree