Saturday, November 11, 2006

Dawson on the City Hall Art Collection

The Washington Post's Jessica Dawson proves me wrong whan I predicted that she would dismiss the new City Hall Art Collection and writes a really good and insightful review on the subject.

Over the years, in my opinion due to her youth and insecurity over being the WaPo's sole gallery reviewer, Dawson has often resorted to being nasty on a semi-personal level, and even preachy and incendiary, in a cheap attempt to be "noticed."

In the past, she also has made huge mistakes in her writing, and DC area gallery owners and artists have laughed about it publicly, and in many letters to her hard-working, but benign editor, they have complained about her writing and art history ignorance consistently and brutally, and because she bruises easily, she has taken the negative feedback about her writing personally, while at the same time dishing out loads of negative writing in return.

And maybe it is maturity in this young critic, or perhaps the result of her taking Art History classes to solidify her writing background, but in any event, after years of reading her writing, I'm detecting a maturity (and security) level as a writer that now allows her to give a positive review without doing it as a back-handed compliment.

My kudos to Jessica for an excellent review. Read it here.

Bravo Jessica!