Thursday, May 14, 2020

Artist Booster Grant 2020

Just a reminder that tomorrow at midnight is the deadline to apply for an Artist Booster Grant 2020. Submissions to-date have been both fascinating - amazing artists - and heart breaking stories.

Please share with any and all you would like to encourage and support in the arts.

A View from the Inside Out, will award two unrestricted $500 grants to artists who are persisting in their work and community despite the turbulent times:

Two $500 unrestricted grants to support artists and their ongoing work in these challenging times. Organized by A View from the Inside Out, a mentor-mentee program that builds community art projects while advocating for ethical labor policies and practices.

Open to all artists. Period. No application fee. No restrictions on how the funds are used.

Deadline to apply: May 15 2020
Awards Announced: May 29 2020
To apply click here.