Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Broken Wing

That's my right shoulder, which has been out of commission since December 23rd.

It all started in the mid seventies (as I recall), when I was in the US Navy and suffered a shoulder injury which dislocated my right shoulder.

It was "popped" back in, but after that, over the years, it would almost pop out at will, and I even learned how to pop it back into the shoulder socket on my own.

It was immensely painful to do this process, but it was a brilliant flash of pain, followed by muscular pain for a few days afterwards.

Eventually I got so sick and tired of this (it once popped out when I was swimming and I nearly drowned), that I went back to sick bay and began weight training treatment, which essentially involved building up the shoulder muscles and thus keep the darn shoulder bone tight inside the socket.

On December 23rd it decided to make an exit, aided by a fall caused by a small rug slipping on hardwood floors.

And now, after a horrendous MRI, I am told that the injury to the shoulder, close to 40 years ago, has been causing issues with that shoulder, the bones, and eroded a lot of cartilage, and thus needs to go under the surgeon's knife.

4-6 weeks of immobile right shoulder follows, plus 6-9 months of intensive therapy.

It could have been worse... I could have landed on my head or busted my neck... but Feh!

I'm right-handed by the way.... double Feh!