Sunday, December 06, 2009

More images from the Miami fairs

Tim Tate with Ardis Bartle

Tim Tate with Texas uber video collector Ardis Bartle and that's Tate's original video Ophelia playing in the background.

Video moves

Yesterday was a good day as the Tim Tate video "I see Myself as an Author," which is a very cool piece with both a micro camera and and audio component, sold to the art dealer who had it on hold since Thursday.

Also sold two cool photographs by Cuban photographer Cirenaica Moreira, whose Miami family had come by earlier to say hello.

Cirenaica Moreira, Vive en Cincinnati y ni siquiera me escribe
"Vive en Cincinnati y ni siquiera me escribe" - (He Lives in Cincinnati But he Doesn't Even Bother to Write)
Signed, Numbered and Titled. Circa 1999. Edition of 15. Printed on 20x16 inches (51x40.5 cm)

And also moved several of my drawings, including a very large St. Sebastian, the largest drawing that I brought to Miami.

And also moved a small recycled glass sculpture from ubergreen artist Erwin Timmers. That piece has become the first work of original art in a new collector of art.

Yesterday it rained a lot. Heavy, powerful Florida rain that thundered on the tent's roof with amazing intensity, trapping visitors inside and slowing down the flow of people to the area.

Sunday is the last day.

Art fair horror story

On Friday a gallery at the fair makes a substantial double sale of two very large paintings to a local collector. He tells them that he's hosting a party on Saturday night and asks if the gallerists can deliver the painting after the fair closes later that night.

They drive to his home, which is clearly the home of someone of considerable financial health. Once there, the gallery's staff volunteers to install the two pieces, which actually becomes quite difficult as the large paintings, installed side by side have little room for maneuvering.

The next day the collector contacts them and let's them know how everyone at the party really liked the work, and was complimenting the home owner on his artistic acumen and taste.

Later this afternoon the collector's neighbor (yes, his neighbor), calls the gallery and informs them that the paintings are being returned as the "energy of the paintings is disturbing the home owner."

Later that day, the neighbor (yes again, the neighbor) shows up at the fair and returns the two works.

The perils of the artworld.