Thursday, April 05, 2007

Airborne again today and returning home. More later...


Painter Joe Bravo is raising eyebrows with his current exhibit at the Mexican Cultural Institute in Los Angeles because Bravo paints on tortillas.

His tortilla paintings sell for as much as $1,800.

No truth to the rumor that a new series of pico de gallo installations are forthcoming.


What's it with Washington Post art critics wanting to wear kilts? First Blake Gopnik wants to be a MacGopnik and now I get the below image showing WaPo art critic Michael O'Sullivan.

O'Sullivan at Red Clover Gallery's exhibit of Henry Wingate
Seen here, Michael O'Sullivan (on the left getting ready to photograph the gent wearing the utilikilt) contemplates the possibilty of adding a utilikilt to his DC wardrobe.