Monday, October 20, 2008

Mary Early opens in DC

Mary Early

Baker Awards for Baltimore Artists

This is one spectacular opportunity for Baltimore artists.

The Baker Awards, funded by The Baker Foundation, in conjunction with the Baltimore City Department of Promotion and the Arts, is awarding three (yes three!) $20,000 prizes to Baltimore artists annually.

Although only Baltimore artists are eligible, anyone can sign up and vote.

Do it!

Details here.

Torture in Art

There's an interesting panel discussion coming up exploring how we represent victims of torture – in art, in the courtroom, in our foreign policy, etc. – and the issues involved in accurately conveying their experiences without dehumanizing or re-victimizing them.

The panel is from 2-4pm on October 25th at the Katzen Arts Center in Washington DC (presented along with the Close Encounters exhibit and where Director Jack Rasmussen continues to make the other DC area museums look bad), and is sponsored by Foreign Policy In Focus and DC's Provisions Library.

Daniel Heyman, an artist whose work I have mentioned several times before in this blog, is one of the panelists, and is going to give a presentation about his work. The other two panelists are Julie Mertus, a professor of Ethics, Peace, & Global Affairs at American University, and Katherine Gallagher, a staff attorney at the Center for Constitutional Rights.

More details here.

Personally, I have always been curious as to why artists and politicians and academics seem to pay more attention to the "easy" targets of torture, such as our horrible excesses in Iraq a few years ago, while ignoring the decades-long brutalities of nations like China, South Korea and Cuba.

Evidence submitted below, including a priest tortured for hiding a political prisoner in his Church: