Sunday, February 05, 2012

For the big game

For the last two days I've been cooking "Ropa Vieja" in the slow cooker. This is my favorite Cuban dish and it takes forever to cook properly, but when done right... OMG! You start with simply a few chunks of skirt steak, tomato sauce, onions, fresh garlic, and a few key spices and two days or so in the slow cooker.

Since it is the Super Bowl, I also made my own salsa, and not to brag, but seeing that salsa is NOT a Cuban dish to start with, I think I've put my own tag on this most Mexican of foods and may have even put my Mexican compadres to shame; let's just say that garlic and cilantro to an overwhelming state can never go wrong - and then crush some mango into that puppy and Mmmmm...

Now let's hope that the Giants kick some rump.