Saturday, June 30, 2007

Bethesda Painting Awards

Next week is the last week to see the Bethesda Painting Awards finalists and prizewinners at the Fraser Gallery in Bethesda. The show closes July 7.

This year's exhibition stirred quite a bit of controversy, which is always good for any art competition.

The Washington Post's Michael O'Sullivan was surprised at the award choices and raised a controversy about three sumi-ink drawings on Japanese paper by Richmond artist Fiona Ross. Read his review here.

The Gazette's Claudia Rousseau really liked the Best in Show prizewinner, but disliked the work of the other two award-winners. Read her review here.

DCist's Lynne Venart at first didn't like the Best in Show prizewinner, but when she looked a little closer, she discovered interesting nuances in Matthew Klos' works. Read her review here.

G.P. and Thinking About Art both jumped on the O'Sullivan controversy bandwagon and opined on the issue. Read Kriston here and J.T. here.

Go see the show before it closes.